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12x 12" Building Barn Quilt PDF Pattern, SVG Pattern, Wood quilt Lighthouse barn quilt, Church barn quilt, barn barn quilt

12x 12" Building Barn Quilt PDF Pattern, SVG Pattern, Wood quilt Lighthouse barn quilt, Church barn quilt, barn barn quilt

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Introducing our Lighthouse Quilt Block Barn Quilt Digital Pattern – a beacon of hope and guidance for your barn's exterior. This pattern captures the iconic silhouette of a lighthouse, standing tall against the backdrop of the sea, symbolizing safety, guidance, and the enduring strength of the coast. Download, print, and let your barn become a canvas for this maritime symbol with our captivating digital quilt pattern. Transform your agricultural space into a striking display that embodies the steadfastness and guiding light of lighthouses, offering a serene and inspirational sight to all who behold the Lighthouse Quilt Block.

Introducing our Church Quilt Block Barn Quilt Digital Pattern – a reverent tribute to architectural beauty and traditional design. This pattern features a charming depiction of a church, adding a touch of serene elegance to your barn exterior. Download, print, and let your barn become a canvas for this symbol of faith and community. Showcase the essence of timeless architecture and spirituality with the Church Quilt Block, creating a visually captivating display in your agricultural setting.

Introducing our Barn Scene Barn Quilt Digital Pattern – a picturesque fusion of rustic beauty and artistic expression for your barn exterior. Capture the essence of the countryside with this detailed pattern featuring barns, silos, and scenic landscapes. Elevate your agricultural setting with a touch of artistry. Download, print, and adorn your barn with this charming digital quilt pattern, turning it into a canvas that tells a story of rural tranquility.

It is more than just a pattern; it's a love letter to the wilderness, a homage to the creatures that call it home.

Barn quilts began as a way to honor a loved one with a gorgeous piece of folk art. Large barn quilt signs are usually displayed on a barn or a home. This smaller version can be enjoyed by everyone in your home as a piece of timeless art.

Learn how to create your own a Double Wedding ring Barn Quilt with this pattern. There is a svg file, instructions on how to create a barn quilt, the racing template for a 12x12" and 24"x24". I have also included the jpeg file so you can enlarge as big as you would like.

Instant Download, Digital Files Only (SVG | PNG | PDF )

***This is not the finished barn quilt itself product.***
You would use the graph as a guide to mark your design (usually with a straight edge and pencil after you prime your wood.)
You get instructions on how to paint it, graphs and tracers.

Want to learn to design a barn quilt check out our other listening on How to Design and paint a barn quilt.

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